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Are Microchips Safe for Dogs?

Microchips are not only safe for dogs, but in some instances, have saved dogs’ lives. The first thing an animal shelter does when they pick up a lost dog is to scan him for a microchip. Here are more facts about microchipping dogs from Citrus Heights Pet Hospital.

What Microchipping Is Like

Pet microchips are about the size of a grain of rice. They are inserted into pets with a long hypodermic needle under the skin, usually in between an animal’s shoulder blades. Your dog does not need anesthesia for this quick and simple process. Before this can be done, a form needs to be filled out to enter your name, address, and other contact information into a pet data registry, so that the chip can be paired with your contact information.

Will a Dog’s Body Reject a Microchip?

The chances of your dog’s body rejecting a microchip are incredibly small. In a study of over 4 million animals done by the British Small Animal Veterinary Association, only 391 pets’ bodies rejected pet microchips. It’s also rare for any bad reaction, such as swelling or hair loss at the injection site to occur. The chances of your dog getting lost are far higher than rejecting the microchip.

Do Microchips Move?

There have been few reported cases of the microchip moving to another place in a dog’s body other than where it was originally implanted. The chances of this happening are very low. If it does happen, a vet can easily reinsert a new chip.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions about microchipping your dog and live in the Citrus Heights area, please call us at Citrus Heights Pet Hospital at (918) 725-2700 or send us a text. We will get back to you as soon as we can. You can also check out our Twitter and Facebook pages. No matter what vet you choose, please consider the benefits of getting your dog microchipped.

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