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Common Questions about Spay and Neutering

Common Questions about Spay and Neuter Pet Surgery

One of the first reasons why a pet comes to the vet is for spay or neuter surgery. These surgeries are simple, but are also important and can impact the rest of your pet's life. Citrus Heights Pet Hospital performs spay and neuter surgeries safely on a regular basis.

It is normal to have questions for your veterinarian about these surgeries. Here's what you need to know before booking your pet's appointment in Citrus Heights.

Why Should You Get Your Pet Spayed or Neutered?

Spay and neuter surgeries are important aspects of controlling the homeless pet population. Animal shelters are overcrowded with animals that do not have homes, largely in part to the fact that dogs and cats can reproduce quickly. A single cat can produce dozens of litters over the course of its life.

Additionally, spaying or neutering your pet allows your pet to become more domestic. For example, neutered pets are less likely to become aggressive or to wander in search of a mate. Spayed female cats do not attract males because they do not go into heat.

What Is Spaying?

Spaying is a procedure performed on female pets. The surgery involves the removal of the ovaries or the ovaries and the uterus. In effect, this ensures that the animal cannot become pregnant and does not go into heat.

What Is Neutering?

When a male pet is neutered, the testes are removed. This prevents male animals from being able to impregnate other animals. Neutered pets may need a few days to recover from surgery, but the surgery is relatively low-risk.

Make a Surgery Appointment for Your Pet

Citrus Heights Pet Hospital performs these pet surgeries on a regular basis. If your pets still need to be spayed or neutered, call our Citrus Heights office today to make an appointment.

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