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Pet Diagnostics and Blood Work FAQs

You love to see your pet looking healthy and happy. Unfortunately, pets can get sick, and diagnostics and bloodwork are part of what vets do to diagnose your pet accurately. At Citrus Heights Pet Hospital, in Citrus Heights, CA, we understand you may not be familiar with the various procedures available. That’s why we have prepared this FAQs section to help you understand what happens when you bring your pet to our animal hospital for diagnosis.

What Are Pet Diagnostics and Bloodwork?

Pet diagnostics include a wide range of exploratory services that help a vet pinpoint the exact condition your furry friend is experiencing. Examples of pet diagnostics include X-rays, scans, ultrasound, and other routine procedures. Pet diagnostics aren’t required for every appointment. The vet utilizes them depending on the symptoms exhibited by your pet.

Pet bloodwork involves testing blood, urine, and stool samples to monitor your pet’s health condition. Most pet bloodwork and diagnostics take a few minutes, and your pet can go home after the procedure.

Why Do Pets Need Diagnostics?

Your pet won’t undergo bloodwork and diagnostics every time they visit an animal hospital. These tests are necessary to confirm conditions that need further investigation. Because symptoms alone aren’t enough for proper diagnosis, diagnostics and lab work are needed to pinpoint the exact ailment for effective treatment.

When Are Diagnostics and Bloodwork Needed?

Sometimes, testing may be necessary during routine check-ups. Here, the veterinarian wants to ensure that all is well with your pet. Other times when pet bloodwork and diagnostics may be required include:

  • Before surgery
  • Before starting a new medication
  • On the first veterinary visit
  • During senior wellness check-ups

You may wonder whether you need to understand the results of pet blood tests and diagnostics. The results may be presented using unfamiliar jargon and metrics, but your vet will simplify the results for better understanding.

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