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Annual Pet Exams

Here at Citrus Heights Pet Hospital in CA, we know how much pet owners value their furry companions! AN essential part of taking care of your pet is ensuring they have an annual exam with a veterinarian. Routine exams can help protect your pet's health and treat whatever issues he or she may be experiencing early on.

Understanding Annual Pet Exams

An annual exam is essentially a check-up for your pet, otherwise referred to as preventative care. We provide a full range of tests and assessments during a visit to ensure your pet is in good health. Not only does this provide peace of mind for pet owners, but it's also a way to avoid costly treatments for conditions that could have been prevented with early intervention. In addition, if something out of the ordinary is discovered during an exam, we will plan a comprehensive treatment plan to help manage whatever your pet's issue is.

What Should I Expect at My Pet's Annual Exam? 

An annual exam is a head-to-tail check of your pet, including many bodily systems, to see if everything is functioning normally. Annual exams may also include:

  • Looking at your pet's mouth to check for dental disease, missing teeth, bad breath, etc.
  • An examination of your pet's eyes and ears for discharge or swelling
  • Listening to your pet's heart to check for any irregularities
  • Listening to the lungs for abnormalities
  • An assessment to find tumors or any unusual growths
  • A look at the skin, nails, and coat for signs of rashes or parasites

Contact Citrus Heights Pet Hospital for Pet Exams 

Annual exams with a veterinarian are imperative to promote your pet's long-term well-being. They provide an opportunity for the vet to get to know your pet, establish a baseline of health, and identify any potential problems early on. By establishing good preventive care habits now, you can help ensure that your furry friend stays happy and healthy for years to come. Call us to schedule your pet's next exam today!

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