Comprehensive Vet Care

When you own a pet, finding the right veterinarian is a priority. Partnering with a skilled veterinarian can make a marked difference in the health and well-being of your pet. Pet lovers in Citrus Heights or surrounding communities can bring their pet to Citrus Heights Pet Hospital for comprehensive vet care. Here, you will work with skilled veterinarians with years of experience in their field. Quality veterinary care is the key to a happy, healthy pet.


Benefits of Comprehensive Vet Care

Through routine vet care, your Citrus Heights veterinarian has a chance to monitor your pet’s health and detect early warning signs of sickness or disease. Many pets hide symptoms of health issues, making it difficult for pet owners to tell if they are sick. An examination from a qualified vet will uncover the true state of your pet’s health so steps can be taken to resolve health problems as soon as possible. Many health conditions can be successfully treated if they are caught in the early stages. Early detection could save your pet from having to undergo long, expensive treatments.

What to Expect from Comprehensive Vet Care

Our comprehensive vet care program includes such services as wellness exams, diagnostics, in-house pharmacy, preventative care, dental care, internal medicine, soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries, emergency pet care and end of life care.

During a wellness exam, we examine every aspect of your pet’s body, from nose to tail, to detect signs of allergies, parasites or disease. We will also check your pet’s joints for signs of arthritis and listen to his heart and lungs for signs of respiratory or heart issues. If we detect a specific health problem, we will do diagnostic tests to verify your pet's condition quickly to avoid delays in his treatment. The sooner your pet gets treated, the sooner he can recover from his condition. Our goal is to help keep your pet healthy and happy well into his senior years.

In addition to wellness exams, our preventative care program includes such services as dental care, vaccinations, parasite control, dietary counseling, spay & neuter procedures and behavior counseling. Oral health is an essential aspect of comprehensive vet care. Your pet’s oral health can have a direct effect on his overall health. Routine dental exams and cleanings will protect your pet’s teeth and gums and keep periodontal disease at bay. In its advanced stage, periodontal disease can cause tooth loss and lead to heart, kidney and liver problems.

Visit Your Citrus Heights Veterinarian for Comprehensive Vet Care

There is no substitute for quality veterinary care to keep your pet healthy and happy over the years. To schedule an appointment with your Citrus Heights vet, contact Citrus Heights Pet Hospital at 916-725-2700 today. 

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