Most Asked Questions For Senior Pet Care

Pets live long lives due to modernized vet care and overall dietary changes. As a result, the demand for senior pet care is bigger than ever. At Citrus Heights Pet Hospital, we have provided local pet owners with reliable senior pet care services for many years. Read on to learn the answers to several questions we frequently receive about senior pet care.

When is a Pet Considered a Senior?

Cats and smaller dogs fall into the category at around seven years old. However, larger dogs tend to have shorter lifespans and can be considered senior pets at five years of age.

Potential Health Problems in Senior Pets

Below are some of the health issues related to senior pets:

  • Heart disease
  • Liver disease
  • Kidney and urinary tract disease
  • Senility
  • Overall weakness
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Bone and joint disease

Happy, Healthy, Long Lives

A simple conversation with our veterinarian is the first step in ensuring your pet stays healthy and happy for as long as possible. Older pets require a bit more attention, including more regular vet checkups, changes to their environment, and variations in their diet. There are a few things to consider with an older pet:

Regular Veterinary Care

Rather than annual visits, elder pets need semi-annual checkups. Regular exams will detect issues early, allowing for immediate treatment.

Diet, Nutrition, and Weight Control

Senior pets require changes in their food and caloric intake.

Reproductive Diseases

Spaying and neutering pets isn’t just about population control. These procedures are also vital to stopping future illnesses such as reproductive cancers.

Parasite Control

Because of their diminished immune systems, invaders like parasites become a larger threat to pets. The parasites put senior pets in danger of conditions that they cannot recover from or cause them to require emergency visits to an animal hospital.

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