Pet Dental Care

The staff at Citrus Heights Pet Hospital in Citrus Heights, CA, loves animals and we are looking forward to meeting you and your pet soon. Our team of veterinarians and veterinary staff works together to provide exceptional care ranging from wellness exams, dental care, and even emergency care. 


Wellness Exams and Dental Care

It’s important that your pets receive regular veterinary care, which needs to include dental care. At Citrus Heights Pet Hospital, we make dental care an important part of every wellness exam. We realize that your pet can’t tell you when he’s suffering from dental pain. At your pet’s wellness exam we will check for signs of plaque, discoloration, swelling, bleeding, and other abnormalities. In the event any of these conditions are present, we will present and discuss treatment options with you to determine the best medical approach. This can include an assortment of services ranging from extensive cleanings to x-rays or extractions. We will discuss the most prudent approach to take to help your furry friend.

Signs of Possible Dental Problems

As with any animal, including people, oral problems don’t naturally correct themselves. Signs such as discoloration of the teeth, bleeding gums, bad breath, dropping food while eating, excessive drooling, and a change in appetite shouldn’t be ignored. These could be signs that a medical issue is developing in your pet’s mouth. The longer you wait, the more painful and expensive the problem is likely to become.

Periodontal Disease

Many people hear the words “periodontal disease” but perhaps don’t understand it or give it the attention it deserves. Left untreated, periodontal disease can cause serious problems for your pet. It’s quite easy to prevent. Regular teeth brushing and proper attention from a veterinarian is vital in the prevention of the disease. Brushing minimizes the buildup of plaque. When plaque is allowed to collect on the teeth, it can lead to the accumulation of tartar which, if ignored, can find its way into the pet’s gums.

When tartar begins to build up beneath the gum line, larger problems can begin to develop. Structural problems can grow from maladies with the gums. Teeth can break or fall out. This clearly causes substantial discomfort and pain to the animal. Bacteria from infection can travel from the oral cavity to other parts of the animal’s body. Other major organs can become infected and diseased.

Pet Dental Care in Citrus Heights

We encourage you to browse our site and learn more about us. We invite you to schedule a visit with our veterinarian to let us demonstrate our excellence in veterinary care for your pet. Call Citrus Heights Pet Hospital in Citrus Heights at (916) 725-2700 and we will be happy to discuss your pet’s dental care with you. We want your pet to have a healthy mouth so he is smiling for years to come.

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