Puppy & Kitten Care

Owning a puppy or kitten is an exciting time for everyone involved, but they need proper care so that they can start on the right path to optimal health. If you are in the area of Citrus Heights and adopted a new puppy or kitten, make an appointment with Citrus Heights Pet Hospital as soon as possible. We offer puppy care services as well as kitten care services that help your new pet live a comfortable and healthy life.


What Happens When You Meet with Our Veterinarian

The first thing you should do once you obtained your new pet is to schedule a wellness visit with our Citrus Heights veterinarian from Citrus Heights Pet Hospital. These wellness visits are tailored to your pet’s needs and let us know how your puppy or kitten is growing. We will weigh your pet at every visit and make recommendations regarding its dietary needs, if necessary. We will also check your furry animal from head to tail for any possible medical conditions and provide you with treatment options if an issue is detected. We will discuss immunizations, microchipping, spay and neuter surgery, and parasite prevention actions during this time as well. If you have any questions or concerns about your puppy or kitten, our veterinarian is more than happy to answer them during this visit.

Items to Obtain for Your New Pet

Taking your pet to the veterinarian is as important as having the right tools on hand at home to keep your animal comfortable. A trip to a local pet store is all that is needed to ensure that your pet has the right items. If you are a new puppy owner, your pet will require a food dish, water bowl, collar, leash, toys, tags, bedding, food, chew bones, and possibly training pads. If you are a new kitten owner, you will need a food dish, water bowl, food, litter pan with litter, scratch post, and toys.

Important Key Points About Your Pet

Keep your pet’s food dish and water bowl in the same area of your house so that it knows where it can find food and water. When taking your puppy outside for a walk, make sure to always use the collar and leash so that it does not run away from you. Kittens instinctively learn how to use the litter pan. However, you may need to encourage it a few times from the start, so it is aware that it is where it needs to go. Always use specially made pet toys and not kid toys during this stage of life to encourage exercise and mental stimulation.

Make an Appointment

Contact Citrus Heights Pet Hospital today to schedule a puppy care service or kitten care service for your pet. Congratulations on your new pet, and we are happy to serve the needs of your beloved animal throughout its years. Phone us at (916) 725-2700.

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