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Your furry friend needs your help to stay in good health. Partnering with a trustworthy veterinarian in Citrus Heights will ensure your pet gets quality veterinary care. In addition, you can count on our animal hospital to meet your pet care needs at Citrus Heights Pet Hospital.


Whether you’re interested in routine services, medical treatment, or specialized care for your furry friend, Citrus Heights Pet Hospital is your one-stop location for comprehensive vet care. Our full-service animal hospital provides the following services to keep your pet in good health:  

Preventive Care

Our preventive care services are designed to preserve your pet’s health. Services like pet exams, vaccinations, parasite control, dental care, and others help prevent sickness and disease, so your pet can enjoy better health over the long haul. Pet exams also uncover signs of illness early on, so you can get the treatment your pet needs to recover. In addition, early detection and treatment of health issues keep minor problems from becoming life-threatening.


We provide core and non-core vaccines to protect pets against diseases like rabies, distemper, and others that can severely impair their health or cause their early demise.

Dental Care

Your Citrus Heights vet provides annual dental exams and cleanings to help your pet maintain good oral health. With healthy teeth and gums, your pet can eat hearty meals, protect themselves, and enjoy playtime to the full.


Our advanced x-ray and ultrasound technology enable us to diagnose health issues quickly and accurately, so your pet can get the most appropriate treatment. We also maintain an in-house lab and pharmacy to avoid delays in getting the lab work and medication your pet needs to recover from an illness.

Pet Surgery

Our pet surgeons are experienced in all surgical treatments, ranging from soft tissue surgery to fracture repair, tooth extractions, orthopedic treatments, exploratory surgery, and emergency surgical care. We handle all urgent and emergencies with precision and speed.

Additional Services

Additional services include micro-chipping, canine behavior training, puppy and kitten care, senior pet care, acupuncture, and end-of-life care. So when you bring your pet to Citrus Heights Pet Hospital, you can be confident they will receive the best care.

See Your Veterinarian in Citrus Heights for Quality Vet Care

At Citrus Heights Pet Hospital, we prioritize your pet’s health, wellness, and happiness by providing quality vet care. To schedule an appointment with your Citrus Heights vet, contact us at (916) 725-2700 today.

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