Veterinary Services at Citrus Heights Pet Hospital

When you see a veterinarian at Citrus Heights Pet Hospital, you know you’re going to be taken care of. We provide a large variety of veterinary services to care for your pet at every stage of life. These services include:

Preventative Care Veterinary Services

Regular health and wellness checks with one of our veterinarians make sure that your pet is growing well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We offer preventative services, such as annual exams, vaccinations against common illnesses, and provide monthly heartworm and flea and tick medication to make sure your pet is protected against common ailments.

Internal Medicine

If your pet is diagnosed with a chronic or acute illness, our internal medicine specialists are trained to manage the care and support they will need. Our specialist range from gastroenterologists to endocrinologists, and have received advanced training and clinical residency, certifying them as experts in their fields.

In-House Lab

At Citrus Heights Animal Hospital, you never have to wait days when specimens are taken to get the results of the lab tests. We have an in-house lab that will expedite any acute cases, and you’ll get the findings as soon as possible.

In-House Pharmacy

Don’t worry about running out to the pharmacy after meeting with one of our veterinarians! With our in-house pharmacy, you’ll have your prescriptions in-hand when you leave so you can get your pet home and take care of them as soon as possible.

Diagnostics - Ultrasound & X-ray

At Citrus Heights Pet Hospital, we’re equipped with the latest in diagnostic technology. If your pet needs an ultrasound or x-ray, our board-certified radiologist will take the images needed, so we understand what’s going on inside your pet and come up with a treatment plan accordingly.


Making sure your pets are healthy from snout to tail includes taking a look at their teeth. At Citrus Heights, we offer complete dentistry services, including cleanings and debridements, as well as the removal of any broken or painful teeth, all under anesthesia, to keep your pet’s smile fresh and healthy.

Surgery - Soft tissue & Orthopedic

Sometimes when your pet sustains an injury or comes down with an illness, surgery is the best option for getting them back on their paws. We have a fully-equipped surgical suite at our hospital. Whether it’s a removal of an obstruction or pinning a broken leg, you can rest assured that coming to Citrus Heights we won’t send you somewhere else when your pet needs surgery.


For pets who are suffering from degenerative joint disease, such as arthritis, acupuncture can help make them more comfortable by reducing inflammation in the affected areas.

End-of-Life Care

The veterinarians at Citrus Heights Pet Hospital understand how emotional it can be when our pets start nearing the end of their lives. We will make sure to provide you with the support and information to make the best decisions during the final phase of your pet’s life. And when it’s time, we can provide a comfortable and supportive environment for euthanizing your beloved pet.

Emergency & Urgent Veterinary Services

Accidents happen. If your pet needs emergency care, we are available six days per week with a trauma team ready to do the best they can for your pet. If your pet is undergoing something that is non-life-threatening but needs to see a veterinarian before the next available appointment, we are able to provide walk-in urgent care by squeezing you into our schedule.

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