While there are many veterinary offices out there, many of them don’t provide a long list of services. But given that a lot of pets need specialized care, their owners may have a difficult time finding the pet care they deserve. At Citrus Heights Pet Hospital, we are happy to provide a wide variety of services aimed at the specific needs of your beloved pets.

Preventative Care

In order to properly treat certain medical conditions, it’s always better to detect them sooner rather than later. This can help prevent life-threatening health problems and lots of stress. Our veterinarian team is happy to provide preventative care to ensure your pet stays healthy and disease-free.

Internal Medicine

If your pet is diagnosed with a chronic or acute illness, our trained and experienced internal medicine team is always here to help. From gastroenterologists to endocrinologists, we can provide the specialized treatment you’re looking for from an animal care center.

In-House Lab Work

Another one of our services involves our in-house lab. Instead of waiting days for lab tests to be run, now the process is expedited with our fast and effective lab services.


To make things even better, we even offer an in-house pharmacy. Rather than waiting hours for your pet’s important medications, our team can provide you with the right medication within minutes.

Dental Work

Just like in humans, dental work is also very important with pets. With infections, tooth decay, and gum disease at an all-time high, taking your pet to our office for a dental checkup should be a top priority.


Whether you’re looking for soft tissue or orthopedic surgery solutions, we have just what you need. Our pet surgeons are skilled in a wide variety of different surgeries, and we can ensure your pet is comfortable during every second of the procedure.

Diagnostics: Ultrasound & X-Ray

Our office is equipped with the latest x-ray and ultrasound technology, so you can count on us to provide you with top-notch radiology work at all times. This helps us to detect what's happening inside your pet in order to administer the right treatment plan.

Urgent Care Services

Although you never want to think about it, a pet urgent can be needed at any time, from broken bones to severe wounds, we have a lightning-fast team who can care for your pet. Although this can be a very stressful time, you can count on us to provide quality Urgent Care services.

Our Other Services Include:

  • Acupuncture
  • End-of-life care

Your Trusted Veterinarian in Citrus Heights

If you need fast and effective veterinary services for your furry friend, call the Citrus Heights Pet Hospital. More than simply our wide variety of services that we offer, we also provide compassionate care for all of our patients. Visit us today and take the first steps to ensure a happy and healthy life for your pet.

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