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An Overview of Spay and Neuter Treatments from Citrus Heights Pet Hospital

When people welcome their pet into their home, they are going to enjoy the unconditional love and companionship that is provided by this relationship. On the other hand, owning a pet also comes with many responsibilities. While this includes taking their pet to get checkups regularly and making sure their pet is up to date on his or her shots, this also means handling spay and neuter procedures. There are a few important points that everyone in Citrus Heights should know. At Citrus Heights Pet Hospital, we are here to share this information and provide access to trained veterinary professionals.


Why Spay and Neuter Procedures Matter

A spay or neuter procedure is performed to remove your pet’s ability to reproduce. These procedures differ in name, because of gender. A spay procedure is a term given to female animals, while a neuter procedure is a term given to male animals. Spay and neuter procedures are important because they can help protect your pet. More than you know.

First, the animal shelter population is already overcrowded and spaying or neutering your pet will keep this problem from becoming worse. These procedures are important because they will give you more control over your pet. Receiving a spay or neuter will keep your pet from actively looking to mate, which can have additional advantages in the long run.

How is This Procedure Performed?

This is a common surgical procedure that vets perform on a regular basis. On the day of the procedure, your pet will be taken back and will be sedated using anesthesia. Then, a trained surgeon will carry out the procedure. Once the operation is done, your pet will be taken to the recovery area to wake up in a comfortable environment. Most pets are placed in a cone to prevent them from chewing open their stitches. We will meet with you and your pet for a post-surgery follow-up appointment to make sure they are recovering appropriately. We are here to answer any questions that you might have about this operation.

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At Citrus Heights Pet Hospital, our veterinary team is here to provide exceptional healthcare services to every pet in the local area. We understand you as pet owners have questions or concerns and we are here to answer them. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you and your pet with all of your vet needs in Citrus Heights, then call (916) 725-2700today to schedule an appointment! 

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