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Dr. Averi Brickson

Here are what people are saying about us on Google reviews:

These guys were my knights in shining armor! My sweet pug was stung by a wasp (who I am currently seeking vigilante justice on with some RAID) and she quickly went into anaphylactic shock. While rushing her to the emergency vet I hit that fabulous Auburn construction traffic. Knowing time was not on my side at the moment, I asked for help from the Man upstairs and it was like the ocean parted ways and there in the center was Citrus Heights Pet Hospital, a place I have driven by numerous times and never gave a second thought. I rush in, dog in one arm and kiddo in the other, exclaiming "my pug is in anaphylactic shock!" I'm sure this was a sight to see. They immediately grabbed my fur baby and saved her! I am sure this could have been a tragedy if they hadn't been there. Not only did they save my girl, but they let me stay with her once she was stable and were so warm and welcoming! I usually go to Loomis Basin, also wonderful, but these guys are a lot closer and I truly appreciate what they did for my family. Those of you with fur kids know, they are family and unconditionally loved. Oh and the surprising part of all this...$200! It would have been way more elsewhere. Our pug actually wasn't done having this reaction once we got her home and still had to go the pet ED, but she probably wouldn't have made it if it weren't for this wonderful hospital. I would highly recommend them! Very pleased with our care there and we'll be back:)

~Alecia P

The only place I'd ever take my dog!!!! They are wonderful caring people who obviously love animals!!! They have my complete trust when it comes to the care of my baby!!

~Lisa Kolb

The only vet I'd take my dogs too. Genuine people who genuinely want to help you and your animal. Whole staff is friendly. I've taken a total of 3 dogs and 2 cats in there and they've met my every need every time.

~Joseph Couto

Every time I call and go to this office I am treated with respect and kindness. I feel comfortable taking my boy Chase here and he has even had his teeth professionally cleaned here as well.

~Rondale Holloway

I love this place been going here for years they love my fur babies thank you to the best vet in town.

~Joann Havens

The staff and Dr. Garfield are absolutely amazing! They are always happy to see our dog and even bring him a blanket as he hates slick floors. Seeing how great they treat our old boy warms my heart and I trust them to make the right decision in the level of care needed. They also have late evening appointments available, which is very convenient for our household. I highly recommend bringing your animals here for wonderful and high quality care. The above average customer service is a huge plus.

~Tara Alcione

I have used the services of Dr. Brickson for over 10 years. My family adores Boxers. If you are familiar with the breed, they are prone to cancer. Dr. Brickson and her staff have supported my family through 4 separate cancer treatments between two dogs. While not all services could be provided at Citrus Heights Pet Hospital, Dr. Brickson pointed us in the right direction and followed the progress of our pets. She knew exactly what was going on even when we were not seeing her at the time. Dr. Brickson was always ready to answer questions, look over results, and answer our questions when working with outside specialists. The staff is unbelievable. My pets are greeted like rock stars at the hospital. Everyone greets us with a smile and the all of my pets past and present are excited to go in the building. They know they are going to be loved. I will never use another vet for our primary care.

~Tim H.

The best care for your pet! I am ashamed that I haven't written a review sooner because this veterinary hospital deserves to be recognized. I must mention that it isn't the building that makes it stand out, but the amazingly warm and caring individuals who work there. And it isn't just the doctors either. From the moment you walk through the door, you are greeted by friendly and polite individuals who are genuinely concerned about your animal. The veterinary technicians are amazing and extremely knowledgeable as well. Now to the veterinarians. My pets and I followed Dr. Brickson from the last hospital she worked at for good reason. She is simply the best. If you want to see a doctor who will do everything in her power to help your animal, she is the best bet. She is also not afraid to admit that something may be out of her scope. A lot of medical professionals that I have met (both human and animal) will let their pride get in the way with their work. Dr. Brickson is not one of those people. Last year, she became my guiding light as our family had three major pet health incidents. It was not a good year. One lost to sudden cancer, the next to a toxicity resulting in cardiac arrest. The third resulted in my bloodhound having to be referred to a specialist facility for emergency surgery. While that facility wasn't nearly as good and much more expensive than Citrus Heights Pet Hospital, I am extremely thankful for Dr. Brickson sending us there as I am not sure that my dog would have survived otherwise. Aside from Dr. Brickson, Dr. Henricks is an equally wonderful doctor with many years of experience. The best way to describe him is kind. He truly cares about the animals he treats and it shows. He has amazing bedside manner. Even my most shy dogs seem to love him. Whether you come in for a regular appointment or an emergency (usually the case with me), the staff treats you like you and your pets like they are family. This is truly one family that I am honored to be a part of. Thank you to everyone at Citrus Heights Pet Hospital for loving my furry family!

~Sarah D.

Excellent care for your pet I came in with an emergency, and the staff is very caring. The doctor was wonderful to my dog and to me. I lost a wonderful pet and friend, but the doctor assured me I was doing the right thing. I would recommend this vet to everyone. In times of great stress it is good knowing that you have wonderful people to care for you and your pet.


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