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Vet care services in Citrus Heights are important for all pet owners. Whether you realize it or not, beginning early with routine veterinary care can extend the life and happiness of your pet. Citrus Heights Pet Hospital offers robust animal care services as well as virtual consultations so you do not need to expose yourself, your family, or your pet to unnecessary risk when your pet is ill or injured.


Vet Care Services We Offer

There are many reasons your pet may require veterinary services over the course of its lifetime. Among these services are the following:

  • Preventative care. This includes things like wellness visits, vaccinations, and other preventative care treatments for things such as heartworms, fleas, and ticks.
  • Internal medicine. We are here to provide assistance with all manner of internal medicine issues. This includes things like diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, and more.
  • Laboratory work. There are many occasions in which your pet may require lab work. We offer an in-house lab that can return results much faster than if we had to send work off-site.
  • Pharmacy. Our on-site pharmacy allows us to send your pet home with many common medications rather than waiting hours or days for prescriptions to be filled.
  • Pet dentistry. Good dental health is as important for your pet's health as it is for you. Dental infections and gum disease can result in broken teeth, endless infections, organ damage, and more. We help you keep your pet’s teeth in great shape when you make pet dental care a priority.
  • Surgeries. Some pets require surgery for things like accidental porcupine encounters, car encounters, and countless other reasons. We hare equipped with the tools we need to perform surgeries when your pet needs it most. This includes various diagnostic equipment, including ultrasound and X-ray equipment.

Additionally, our responsible team offers emergency services for your pet, acupuncture for pain management and to promote healing, as well as end-of-life care for your pet.

We offer all of this in a comfortable and caring environment for your pet. We understand that your pet is an important member of your family. We go to great lengths to make your pet feel like a cherished member of our family.

Visit Citrus Heights Pet Hospital today and find a caring second home for your pet in its time of need. We offer outstanding medical care and compassionate treatment for all our pet patients. Call (916) 725-2700 today, or visit us online to schedule your appointment.


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