Senior and Geriatric Pet Care

As our pets age, they need special care and attention. At Citrus Heights Pet Hospital, we offer senior and geriatric pet care services to the residents in and around the Citrus Heights, CA, area. Our range of services geared for senior pets can include various exams, testing, and treatments to help ensure they have a high quality of life even in their later years. If you haven't sought professional care to ensure your pet has everything, they need to feel comfortable and well later in life, now is the time to seek services from our caring professional team. 

Senior and Geriatric Pet Care

Senior and Geriatric Care Offered by a Veterinarian on Our Team

When pets become older, it's important to pay closer attention to their health and overall condition. Issues can develop quickly or become unnoticed until they pose a risk to their life. You need to have routine care for them geared to senior and geriatric pet needs. Some focal points during an exam can include the following. 

  • Pet lab testing 
  • Wellness exams 
  • Pet lab work 
  • Disease prevention

Senior pets usually develop some special needs as they become more susceptible to certain conditions. Pet owners can expect our team of professionals to take extra measures, such as pet lab testing, to ensure they are comfortable and have the specialized care they need to manage or overcome those developing conditions. Although wellness exams are necessary for all stages of life, for senior dogs and cats, they have become essential for older pets. Follow the recommended time frame for those exams, stay on top of your pet's health and well-being, and follow the recommenced disease prevention protocol. 

Schedule a Veterinarian Appointment for Your Senior Dogs or other Senior Pets

If you are currently looking for a senior and geriatric pet care provider in and around the Citrus Heights, CA, area, you can be assured the team at Citrus Heights Pet Hospital can offer them veterinary care to help ensure they have the best quality of life. Senior dogs and senior cats have access to veterinary care, including veterinarian attention explicitly geared to their needs. To get started with senior and geriatric care from our facility, call us at (916) 725-2700 to reach out to us directly. One of our staff can help schedule an appointment or provide answers to any questions regarding the range of services we currently offer to residents in the area, including pet lab work. 

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